The Voice Season 11 Winner Predictions: Top 10 Performs In Episode 21

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Ali Caldwell | Screenshot from The Voice official YouTube

The Voice season 11?s top 10 performed in episode 21 last night. Based on how they did, predictions have been circulating about who could possibly win the competition.

The Voice season 11 episode 21 was the third round of the live playoffs. The teams of both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are still complete, with three members each. First-time coaches Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus have both already lost one contestant each.

By Tuesday, three contenders will be ranked in the bottom to vie for the ?Twitter save.? After that, two will be removed from the race to be The Voice season 11?s winner.


Brendan Fletcher | Screenshot from The Voice official YouTube

The Voice season 11 episode 21 recap

To help people with their winner predictions for The Voice season 11, here is a recap of how the Top 10 did last night.

  1. Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam) ? ?True Colors?

Brendan performed ?True Colors? accompanied by just a sax and a piano. As a result, the textured, cozy quality of his voice effectively spoke to viewers.

  1. Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia) ? ?Million Reasons?

Based on previous weeks, Christian had to make a strong statement last night to identify who he is as an artist. Luckily, he was able to show that his voice can be at par with the other contestants? in his rendition of Lady Gaga?s song. In fact, online reviews claim that his latest performance could very well secure him a slot in the semis of The Voice season 11.

  1. We` McDonald (Team Alicia) ? ?God Bless the Child?

We?s rendition of the Billie Holiday hit raised so many similarities between her and the renowned jazz musician. She also showed swag similar to what one would expect from an already seasoned artist with years of experience.

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  1. Ali Caldwell (Team Miley) ? ?Without You?

As per online reviews, Ali?s first note in her performance last night was enough to prove how worthy she is of winning. Her rendition had a mix of both soft and powerful parts. She was also pitch perfect throughout the song. As such, it is likely for her to be staying in the competition until the very end.

  1. Sundance Head (Team Blake) ? ?Me and Jesus?

The country crooner?s personality was a perfect match for his lively and engaging performance last night. Being the first contestant in The Voice season 11 to make it in iTunes? Top 10, he is a likely shoo-in for the next round.

  1. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam) ? ?Real Good Man?

Josh?s style and approach to music is authentic. This is made even more attractive with how comfortable he is whenever he performs. Last night, his song choice matched his voice accurately and he was able to take control until the end.

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Billy Gilman | Screenshot from The Voice official YouTube

  1. Billy Gilman (Team Adam) ? ?Anyway?

Billy returned to his country roots after going pop in the previous weeks. However, the arrangement of the Martina McBride song still had a pop feel to it. Because of the confusing delivery, it is clear that his performance last night was not his strongest. Hopefully, it would not result to his elimination.

  1. Austin Allsup (Team Blake) ? ?Missing You?

The song offered Austin a tenderness that his past performances needed so badly. Overall, it was a nice and artistic moment for him that could result to him advancing to the semi-finals.

  1. Aaron Gibson (Team Miley) ? ?Rocket Man?

Miley said that it was time for Aaron to sing something more upbeat and popular to engage viewers of the live show. As such, the Elton John classic seemed to be a good song choice for him. However, the arrangement was somewhat odd and too experimental.

  1. Courtney Harrell (Team Blake) ? ?If I Could Turn Back Time?

Courtney?s tribute to a Cher classic seemed perfect for a ballad expert like her. However, her execution did not contain enough finesse and quality. Because of this, it won?t be surprising if she ends up as the next contestant to get booted off.

Special performance

Aside from the contestants’ numbers, Maroon 5 treated the audience to a performance of their latest hit Don’t Wanna Know. The number can be seen at the end of this story.

Who do you think will stay in the running in The Voice season 11? Let us know by commenting below, and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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