The Voice Finale 2016 Winner Revealed: Who Will Win This Year’s The Voice?

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The Voice Finale 2016 winner

As the finale draws near, the four remaining participants are going to fight head on to be hailed as The Voice Finale 2016 winner. There?s no doubt that it will be a tough decision choosing from Josh Gallagher, Sundance Head, We McDonald or Billy Gilman. The finale will surely be intense not only to the participants but also to everyone watching the TV singing competition as well.

The Voice Finale 2016 Winner: Team Adam?s Josh Gallagher?

Josh is undoubtedly a good fit as the Season 11?s winner. In addition to his good looks, modern country sound and stage presence, he also has the charms. Because of this, Josh has more star potential compared to his rivals. Josh made his way into the finale by winning the final Instant Save of Season 11 back on December 6.

The Voice Finale 2016 Winner: Team Blake?s Sundance Head?

The Voice Finale 2016 winner

Sundance is a soulful country singer that has proven a lot of things throughout the whole Season 11 of The Voice. Apparently, Sundance is able to make any song his own, as well as make any song famous. As a matter of fact, he was on top of the iTunes charts consistently since the live shows of Season 11 began.

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Furthermore, Blake Shelton, also known as The Voice?s most-crowned coach played a huge role as Sundance?s mentor. With all of these factors combined, there?s a high chance that he could be Blake?s fifth champion.

The Voice Finale 2016 Winner: Team Adam?s Billy Gilman

Apparently, Adam Levine is sporting two talented singers at his disposal. This time, it?s Billy who has won the hearts of many due to his comeback story in Season 11. Billy, who is a former rising country child star, has fallen on hard times on the industry after reaching the period of adolescence.

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However, he has once again shown the world that he has what it takes to be a superstar in the music industry as an adult. Furthermore, Billy?s fan base, as well as Twitter followers have proven that they?re ready to make him the Season 11?s champion.

Last But Not the Least, Team Alicia?s We McDonald

We were a frontrunner to win the Season 11 of The Voice since her Blind Audition. However, her performances have been somewhat inconsistent throughout the season. Nevertheless, some people are betting their hearts that We still have something to up her sleeves.

Predicted Winner

The website Hollywood Life has stated their predictions on who will come out as the Season 11?s champion. Apparently, Billy is the first on the rank followed by We McDonald as the second with Sundance being the third. Meanwhile, Josh has the least of chances as he barely made it to the finals.

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