?The Voice? 2016 Spoilers: It’s Miley Cyrus Vs. Adam Levine in Blind Auditions

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The Voice 2016 Spoilers
The Voice 2016 Spoilers

The Voice 2016 spoilers will excite some, and infuriate others. Why? Well it depends which side you’re on, Team Levine or Team Cyrus. Either way, it’s going to be one heck of a ride!

The singing reality show revealed this month that Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys would be joining the show as official coaches. They are to replace Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera. The young fans of The Voice were ecstatic to find out about the newest cast members. Unfortunately, one of the mentors wasn’t as thrilled to share the spotlight with Cyrus.

Season 11 cast is composed of Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cyrus and Keys. An inside source told US Weekly, “They both have short attention spans. They find each other annoying. Adam would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him, and she enjoyed getting under his skin.”

Fighting Mode Not The First Time?

Levine in the past has had conflicts with his fellow The Voice coaches but this feud brewing between him and Cyrus is totally different. Levine doesn’t like how she is stealing the spotlight. Cyrus showed up like she owned the place. Levine also couldn’t stand her cutting him off every time he’s talking!

Even the ?Wrecking Ball? star admitted she loves driving Levine crazy. For his part Levine said, “There’s nobody like Miley Cyrus. She is one-off, wild crazy, spunky maniac. There’s only one person that could be her. She’s just incredibly unique and unafraid to change and I applaud that.”

Levine has been with The Voice for quite some time now and you’d think that the execs would listen to him. But NBC knows that Cyrus will get the show massive ratings. So it doesn’t matter how hard Levine tries to convince producers that Cyrus is no good. No one’s gonna listen to him!

Then again guys, it?s all about the hype! The more feuding superstars, the more intriguing the show, the juicier the news, the better! Ratings, ratings, ratings! So if the post Olympic sneak peek gave you a good time, then the new season is definitely something to watch out for!

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