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The Voice 2016: Is Show Fixed? Billy Gilman Set to Win Finals?

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The fame that the contestants are receiving in The Voice 2016 is unmatched. The winner of the show will be provided with countless opportunities to shape the best possible future of his career. Finalists already started tasting success as soon as reaching Top Twelve in the show. One such contestant that?s getting immense popularity through the show is Billy Gilman.

Born in a small village called Hope Valley near the beautiful town of Richmond, Rhode Island, Billy has earned numerous achievements since his childhood. The only child of a maintenance worker, Billy has participated in many reality shows including The Voice 2016 and it seems that Billy is already considered a winner in the eyes of the judges and for the audience as well.

Is Billy Gilman as the winner of The Voice 2016 Scripted?

Although the showrunners are denying the rumors about Billy being shaped as this season?s winner, many sources have disclosed that the reality show is actually rigged. The producers of the show have to tackle many advertisers and investors who wanted to raise the number of audience through small screens.

It seems that the producers wanted to keep audience?s favorite contestants in order to retain their interest for the show.?Could it be that the show is rigged, and Gilman is set to win in the end?

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Is Billy?s participation fair for the rest of the contestants?

Gilman?was nominated for the Grammy Awards when he was just 11 years old. He had participated in numerous reality shows like Dare to Dream and many others. Gilman?even topped the Billboard?s Hot Country?s Singles and other track charts. He was the youngest singer to have a Top 40 song on the country charts.

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While the rest of the contestants only have a minor singing career, Gilman?s advanced professional achievements are giving them a run for their fame. It might be the reason the showrunners want Billy to win the title for The Voice 2016.

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