?The Voice? 2016 Premiere Date: Miley Cyrus to Steal Show from Blake, Adam Bromance

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The Voice 2016 Premiere Date
The Voice 2016 Premiere Date

The Voice 2016 premiere date is not until September 19. However, they aired a special episode post Olympic Closing Ceremonies. The whole trouble is, with the addition of Miley Cyrus and Alicia keys, our main men Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, are in grave danger of being upstaged!

The two lovely pop superstars are going to be mentors to amateur singers. They all dream of making it big and taking all their albums to platinum levels. This is the first time in history for “The Boys” because they’ve never had two girl coaches at once.

The 30-minute preview shows the veteran coaches go head to head with the newbies. Boys versus girls. Sorry boys, but our girls stole the show!

Yeah, of course the new addition to the group needed to be hyped up. But really, there was no need for that. And with these two show stoppers running the show, what will happen to the boys? Will their bromance be old news for good?

Cyrus and Keys Fashion Frenzy

From the beginning, Cyrus put up her fashion statement and came in with a matching denim outfit embedded with huge flowers from top to bottom. Shelton was also wearing his typical denim jacket and Cyrus wasn’t so happy about it.

She was also a hit with the contestants. When 17-year-old Darby Walker sang Stand by Me as her audition piece, Cyrus said they had the same musical styles. Shelton was not convinced and told Cyrus just that. Always up for a challenge, she went onstage with Walker to do a Jolene duet. In the end, Cyrus won as Walker’s mentor.

Then there’s Keys who won over 17-year-old We’ McDonald. All four were killing each other to be her coach after she sang her version of Feeling Good. Amidst the jokes and ruckus, Keys gave her award winning speech:

“You came to this show to meet me. I’m not playing. I’m not joking. I’m so serious, and I’m serious in a place in my heart. I was working on music trying to figure out who I am, and how could people stop telling me to fit in with everybody else since I was 14 years old,” she said. ?I don’t want to be like anybody else and I don’t want you to be like anybody else. You were born to show people what love sounds like and it’s beautiful.”

Geez. How could anyone possibly argue with that? The good news is that the show is far from boring. And with these two kick-ass feisty ladies in the front row, you just need to get your feet up and your tub of popcorn ready. You?re all set for an amazing viewing experience!

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