?The Voice? 2016 Episode 3 Recap: Team Adam Lags Behind As Team Miley Advances With A Couple Of Caliber A Recruits

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The Voice 2016 Episode 3 Recap
The Voice 2016 Episode 3 Recap

The Voice 2016 Episode 3 recap did not disappoint! As usual, there was much drama, convincing and cajoling by the coaches- anything to get their fan faves on board. Some antics worked, some didn’t. So who’s team got the highest score? Read on to find out!

The 28-year-old Sa’Rayah from Chicago IL definitely got some soul when he did a rendition of Ray Charle’s Drown In My Own Tears. Her childhood was a bit bleak due to her mother’s addiction. But all’s well that ends well. Her mom’s now good and sober, and Sa’Rayah has a lovely daughter of her own. And so it all boiled down to Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. Key’s ‘know soul’ speech didn’t quite make it this time. Our girl went with good ol’ Cyrus!

Then there’s Ethan Tucker who sang Roxanne by The Police. He sure knows some cool tricks, this guy. Imagine having tricked the Steve Miller Band to doing their opening act just so he could get in this sold-out show! He adores his roommate/85-year-old grammy Dorothy and hangs out with her. During his free time, he likes touring with the likes of Buddy Guy and Ziggy Marley. For a while people thought it was Levine who was going to win, until Blake Shelton pulled out his Ace. He casually reminded Tucker that he’s recently made friends with some reggae superstars (Gwen, you there?) So give it up for Team Blake!

This Billy Joel fan is really gutsy from the start. During a college campus Q&A, he bravely asked for a duet with Billy Joel. And now he’s hoping the same magic would work for him when he sang a rendition of the superstar’s Vienna. Adam seemed to be mesmerized and didn’t have second thoughts taking him under his wing. Good job Andrew DeMuro!

Billy Gilman is definitely no newbie in the music scene. The 28-year-old cut a record deal when he was just 10 years old! Shelton can still remember him. Even Cyrus recalled the time when he did an opening act for her dad years back. But things took a turn for the worse when his voice started changing during his teens. Since then he’s had a major struggle finding his true ‘voice’. Adele’s When We Were Young did magic for him and he won Levine’s heart. Go Team Adam!

The courtship effort Keys exerted on Sophia Urista did not work this time. This aspiring doctor-turned-musical hopeful was simply blown away with Cyrus tactic. She asked for some super convincing powers from her godmother Dolly Parton and it did the trick! Urista was so overwhelmed she had to say yes! Who wouldn’t be? Go Team Miley!

Brendan Fletcher, who did a rendition of Ray Lamontagne’s Jolene, also made it, joining Team Adam. The 56-year-old Dan Shafer cooed the judges with his Train’s version of ?Marry Me?. Shelton got him on his team. Finally, there’s Lauren Diaz who did a soulful rendition of Key’s ?If I Ain’t Got You?. Big surprise- she’s with Team Alicia!

So far, the final standings have Team Adam at the bottom of the barrel with just four contenders. The other three coaches all have five. Then again, it’s just the beginning. This is just the tip of the iceberg guys! So don’t forget to tune in and watch The Voice 2016 Mondays and Tuesdays 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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