The Voice 2016: Adam Levine Threatens to Quit the Show if Miley Cyrus Returns?

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Adam Levine

Undoubtedly, the most anticipated singing competition, The Voice is a headliner not only for the ultimate performances of its participants, but also for the judges. The alleged feud between Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus is getting worse day by day.

Recently, Miley is replaced by Gwen Stefani for whom Adam said he was thrilled. He is just really glad that Miley is gone and Gwen is coming back. It was confirmed that Stefani, the girlfriend of Adam?s co-judge, Blake Shelton, would be returning to the show and with Miley also returning to the show for 2017.

But the dashing judge reportedly isn?t happy for Cyrus? return as he threatens the showrunners to quit if they are planning to bring Miley back. Let?s look at the entire story that made Levine threaten the producers of The Voice.

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Gwen replaced Miley

Meanwhile, Shelton was a charismatic personality before he was on the set of The voice with his partner Gwen Stefani. Early this year, when Stefani was replaced by Miley, the charm of the celebrity judge was visibly washed away. The showrunners wanted to bring back the charm so they invited Gwen to rejoin the judges.

Adam, who has a great bond with the couple, was very much excited to join them on the sets of The Voice. Besides, Levine has had many furious disputes with Miley backstage let alone their constant bickering on live TV.

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Miley Cyrus

Adam to leave if Miley returns the show

The show runners wanted Miley to be on the show because of her immense fan following and strong personality. But the minor disputes between Adam and Miley disturbed the entire atmosphere on the set.

The producers wanted Miley to rejoin the judges during season 13, but they allegedly received a strong threat from Adam who wants to stay away from Miley. Let time decide if both the co-stars would decide to work with each other.

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