Visions of Escaflowne Hits Goal For Kickstarter Campaign For New English Dub

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FUNimation, the licensing company for the Visions of Escaflowne series and movie, had started a Kickstarter campaign to have an English dubbed version of the classic anime series and it appears to be quite successful.

Crunchyroll recollects that FUNimation made the announcement in February that a Kickstarter campaign will be initiated in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sunrise’s fantasy anime The Visions of Escaflowne. The purpose of the said campaign is to generate ?$150,000 in crowdfunding pledges to produce a new English dub for the series.?

Now that the crowdfunding is about to be completed, FUNimation has released a video of Shoji Kawamori, the creator of the classic anime The Visions of Escaflowne. Kawamori gave his message to the fans that patronized the campaign and have also expressed his support.

The report also states that in the message of Kawamori, he explained his inspiration for the series. To understand more of the goal of the campaign, you may check its official website here. For the supporters of The Visions of Escaflowne Kickstarter campaign, FUNimation has a little reward for each one with their corresponding pledges.

FUNimation also explains that if the pledges exceed $150,000, the plan has already been laid out. As of press time, the pledges have reached $208,839 already with 1,378 backers. According to FUNimation, if the campaign reaches $200,000, then ?in addition to the series’ new dub, The Visions of Escaflowne Part 1 will be upgraded to include a special feature of the new English cast, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. This will be added to the Kickstarter Edition of Part 1, the standard edition available outside of this Kickstarter, and the Collector’s Edition.? If it goes $250,000, then a corresponding upgrade will also take effect. There are just 16 days more to go before the campaign will officially close.

Fandom Post also says that aside from Kawamori?s video, director Kazuki Akane has a video in support of the campaign. Here is a brief plot concept of ?The Visions of Escaflowne: ?High school student Hitomi is transported from Earth to the magical world of Gaea, where she meets boy prince Van Fanel, and is caught up in his quest to unite the countries of Gaea against the ominous Zaibach empire. On the way, she discovers a hidden ability and strives to unravel layers of mystery surrounding Van, his past, and the giant machine known as Escaflowne.?

How about you? Are you excited for the new English dub of The Visions of Escaflowne?

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