Virtual Reality Headset Achieves $250, 000 Kickstarter Goal in Just 4 Hours

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The Glyph is a virtual reality headset, recently introduced by Avegant. The maker of the mobile personal theater has hit its Kickstarter goal of $250, 000 in four hours. They have already raised $704, 999 from its 1, 486 backers and still have 25 days to go.

The Making of Avegant Glyph

Screen displays have been getting smaller through the years and closer to our eyes. The only problem with this technology is the image quality. Avegant found a solution to this issue using a technology that mimics the way humans naturally see light. With the help of a Virtual Retinal Display, the company figured out how images are projected directly onto a person?s retina. The result creates sharp and stark images like you have never seen before.

For two years, Avegant has been working on miniaturizing this technology so people can wear it like a headset at home or anywhere they go. The company has named its finished product as the Glyph, combining extremely sharp imagery, premium noise ? cancelling audio, unique flipdown form. This is a device that will definitely revolutionize personal display technology.

The Glyph was presented at CES 2014. It uses an HDMI input to display files in your library, from movies to Internet streaming and the desktop environment in your computer.

Also Great for Gaming

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Young people will enjoy the Glyph as they can use it for gaming, whether Real Racing or Call of Duty Ghosts. It has an integrated 9 Degree of Freedom tracker, Point ? of ? View imaging, a different world of interactive gaming and storytelling. The Glyph also has an accelerometer, 3 ? axis gyro and a digital magnetometer for head ? tracking in games.

What to Expect from Glyph Beta

Once you have received the Glyph Beta in your mail, it has already been fully developed and tested. This includes having a slimmer and efficient design, as well as a re ? engineered ergonomics. Avegant plans to provide a comfortable and balanced fit with minimal pressure to the person?s ears and nose while making him or her look great. The Glyph will also have slimmer ear cans, a lightweight visor, and one slim cable connecting to the HDMI cable or the audio jack.

  • A comfortable, balanced fit that applies minimal pressure to the user’s nose and ears while still looking great
  • Slimmer ear cans reduced approximately 50% in thickness
  • A thinner, more lightweight visor with a cover that minimally impacts your head and hair during audio mode use
  • One slim cable that connects to either an HDMI cable or an audio jack

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