Virtual Guitars That Lets You Play Like A Pro and Sound Like One

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You might have already heard of the term “Virtual Guitar” but were you aware of the “real” ones?
Ones that can actually be played like the real thing? Those which can replace the actual guitar? If no, then read on.

So you wanted to play guitar and be like Yngwie Mamlsteen or Steve Vai but you have the following problems:

-????????? You can?t play the guitar or not yet an expert

-????????? Nobody is around to teach you and online tutorials are too hard for you to understand

-????????? You have a guitar but you don?t have kick ass amps or effects to use so you are making do of tin can-sounding tone

-????????? Or simply, you don?t have a guitar itself

This can be quite frustrating for people who are day dreaming about shredding the thunder axe but it is 2014 already. There were tons of alternatives, even in the past few years, but weren?t that impressive. Youngsters do know some half-baked virtual guitar for them to play and by play, we mean just mess around with random notes that doesn?t make sense at all. There used to be no intuitive approach to this potentially groundbreaking innovation. The idea was there, but not the technology.

Fortunately enough, nowadays, we don?t have to settle with online virtual guitar ?toys? nor stick with the ultra unrealistic-sounding Slayer 2. There are dozens of PROFESSIONAL grade virtual instruments now and many of them focus on guitar and this is good news for frustrated guitarists and musician/composers who does not have any access to one.

People can now have the luxury of realistic guitar tone and playing on their desktop computers. It has been around for quite a while, but few people know about them. These are called Virtual Instruments or more commonly called as VSTs. All you have to do is get yourself a copy of any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software that you prefer and install these Virtual Instruments particularly the Virtual Guitars which are very popular among professional and beginning musicians.

Most of the time these virtual ?instruments can be controlled through a midi controller in the form of a keyboard. These method favors people who know their piano but if you do not know how to play piano, it is fine as well because playability varies from instrument to instrument. Check this video to see these instruments in action.

It emulates the popular guitar model Les Paul Custom. Like other guitars, these virtual guitar

Instruments also have other types depending on the requirement. In this video of MusicLab?s RealGuitar 2 and RealStrat, Jeff Abott demonstrates how it can also emulate the Stratocaster tone and even classical steel-stringed guitars

This is just a few of the virtual guitars you can find and there are others which are even far better in terms of tone and realism like this Prominy?s V-Metal (for metal music). Check the video below

One might say that this is the future of guitars, and maybe, all musical instruments that you can think of. They would soon be probably all inside your computer ready to be played.

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