Virtua Fighter PS4 And Xbox One Release Incoming?

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It seems like Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 are about to face some heavy competition, as Sega has now renewed their trademark for Virtua Fighter. Considered by fighting game fans to be one of the finest in its genre, we haven’t seen a new game in the series since the fifth installment, which came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360, so a new entry was a long time coming.

The renewed trademark can be seen on Trademarkia, showing that the name still belongs to Sega. No other trademark was made as of this writing, so it’s unclear if Sega’s signature fighting game will have a new subtitle or will simply be numbered like previous installments. It could even be rebooted for the new console generation, though we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

Shoryuken stated that Sega might have just renewed the trademark to keep the franchise instead of making a brand new Virtua Fighter game. While that’s definitely possible, fans should keep in mind that Sega trademarked a new Valkyria Chronicles, and now a new game in the series is coming out. There is also a remastered edition of the game currently available on PS4, which comes with all the DLC, along with cleaner textures and character models.

Considering that we’re already in the eighth month of 2016, it’s doubtful that a new game in the series will be coming out this year, unless it’s a remastered version of an old game or a collection that will be available in digital stores. Either way, it will take a good amount of time before we see the new entry into the classic fighting game series, though we could hear about it this year.

Sega is currently busy with a few new Sonic games. Sonic Mania is a new game done in the classic 2D style fans have been demanding, while Project Sonic 2017 looks to be a sequel to Sonic Generations. The company is also a publisher for developer Atlas, so expect the Sega logo in Persona 5.

Is a new Virtua Fighter game coming out? It definitely seems like that’s the case. Expect it come to the PS4 and Xbox One, with a slight chance for a Nintendo NX release.

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