Virtua Fighter 6 Skips SEGA’s E3 2017 Lineup

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No Virtua Fighter for E3. [Image from PlayStation Store]

Sega has released their lineup for E3 2017, and it looks like we won’t be seeing Virtua Fighter 6. Fans were hoping to see a new installment of the series, especially after Sega mentioned bringing back old IPs. If there is a Virtua Fighter game in development, we won’t be seeing it right away, not in E3 at least.

Fans can look at the Sega E3 lineup in Gamasutra, with no new Virtua Fighter game in sight. This is a bit of a shame, since fighting games have been gaining plenty of prominence this year. Unless Sega is planning a big surprise for audiences, it looks like we shouldn’t expect a new Virtua Fighter anytime soon.

Wait And See

Virtua Fighter 6 might not be appearing in E3, but it could eventually be revealed in the near future. Sega recently renewed the trademark of Virtua Fighter, which means that the company might have plans for the hit series. It would be silly to renew a trademark that wouldn’t be used, so expect to see something in the future.

Admittedly, a new Virtua Fighter would have a ton of competition with this year’s crop of fighting games. Injustice 2 is a massive hit, thanks to a ton of single-player content and endless replayability via the Multiverse Mode. Tekken 7 also returned to good reviews, offering a solid story about the Mishima clan, new characters, and Rage Arts. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will be coming out in September, which has plenty of fans excited for it.

Virtua Fighter 5 In Yakuza 6

While the lack of Virtua Fighter 6 is disappointing, fans can at least play Virtua Fighter 5 in Yakuza 6. It will be playable in one of the game’s arcades and even supports two-player battles, so that should be fun. Sega has actually done this before in Yakuza, but having a full PS3 game is really neat for the fans.

Geek has confirmed that it would be the Final Showdown edition of the game being added, which is great. As most fans know, this was the last iteration of the franchise, since no new Virtua Fighter game has been announced since. It should provide fans hours of entertainment when not living the life of a Yakuza member.

E3 2017 starts June 13 and will end on June 15, with various press conference and livestreams taking place before and during the event. Yakuza 6 will be coming out early next year on the PS4, while Yakuza 0 is available now.

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