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Virtua Fighter 6 Release Date: What We Know So Far

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While most fans are looking forward to Tekken 7 or Injustice 2, some still want Virtua Fighter 6. There hasn’t been a new game in the Virtua Fighter series since 2010, and that was a re-release. Still, there is hope for the series since Sega recently secured the trademark of the long-running fighting game.

Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce a new entry to the series. Still, with the aforementioned trademark, there?s still hope for fans to see their beloved fighter. With Street Fighter 5 still getting love from fans, there’s plenty of room for the competition. Here?s hoping that a new Virtua Fighter comes to consoles or the arcades soon.

Yakuza 6

Currently, Sega is planning to port Yakuza 0 to the US. If that does well, there is a good chance that Yakuza 6 will be coming to the West as well. This is great, since the aforementioned title will have a copy of Virtua Fighter 5 in the game itself. Players will be able to play the game in one of the arcades.

It’s not just a demo either, as the whole fighting game will be in Yakuza 6. Players can even challenge their friends in an offline fight. As fans wait for Virtua Fighter 6, this should be a decent way to kill time until the game actually comes out. This is assuming that there are plans to make a sixth iteration, of course.

Virtua Intentions?

One has to wonder if Sega adding Virtua Fighter 5 to Yakuza 6 is part of some plan. Perhaps it’s a way to gauge interest for the franchise? Sega wouldn’t have retained the game’s copyright if they didn’t have any plans for a future game.

Given its arcade roots, it’s likely for Virtua Fighter 6 to come to arcades first before coming to consoles. Will the game come to PS4 and Xbox One? Does Sega have plans to bring the game to Nintendo’s new console? Until the company says anything, we can’t be sure. Still, fans would rejoice if a new game in the series comes out.

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