Virtua Fighter 5 online announced for XBox 360

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In a remarkable development, Sega has announced what was previously considered unthinkable. Virtua Fighter 5 for the XBox 360 will have online multiplayer functionality, as well as a spate of new and improved features over the PS3 version.

This is surprising news given the earlier stated position by Sega that VF5 was too deep, and too timing-oriented a fighting game to field in a potentially lag-marred online environment. While purists may still harbor complaints of that nature, I personally can’t see this as anything but very, very good news for 360 owners and for Sega’s series itself. Hopefully PS3 owners will get a downloadable content pack to match the new 360 features, or at least a Special Edition at reduced cost (see also: VF4e).

Full details available via Kotaku.

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