Viral Video of the Week Shows Man Driving While Having Stroke [Watch]

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viral video of the week

The viral video of the week includes a motorcyclist and a car who is in need of serious medical attention. The biker?s camera captured the moment where the helpless driver kept on driving in zigzag, taking down a light pole in the process.

Viral Video of the Week: Driver Suffers Stroke While Driving

As can be seen in the video below, the car weaved across a highway and rampaged into a line of trees. Unfortunately, the rider can?t do anything but to follow and film the whole ordeal. In the video, the rider can be heard shouting on a white sedan as it hits everything on its path.

As the rider shouted ?Wow what are you doing guy?? repeatedly, the car still showed no signs of halting. Instead, it sped down the highway. As a matter of fact, the driver kept his foot on the accelerator despite completely losing the front tire.

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The car continuously drove off railings and almost drove over the concrete barriers. Fortunately, the car ceased from moving after traveling several hundred meters. Apparently, the car was slowed by numerous trees it scraped against and the broken rim dug itself into the soil.

Eventually, the biker is able to approach the driver and told him to get his foot off the accelerator. The biker then asked if he?s alright and if he knew where he?s going. Several other people approached the car and asked the driver if he?s diabetic.

viral video of the week

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The biker found the driver who is in a daze and was barely able to respond to the people around him. As can be seen in the video, the driver is completely conscious but was only able to respond with a nod. The driver?s rigid arms were still gripping the steering wheel when the people approached him.

Viral Video of the Week: Driver Now Recovering

According to the poster of the video Throttle Fritz, the driver is now at home recovering four days after the event. Fortunately, the motorcyclist rider, as well as the nurses took care of the driver until the real help arrived. Furthermore, two nurses at the scene concluded that the driver had a stroke.

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