Viral Video Shows How Filipinos Deal With Hopeless Traffic During Typhoon Season

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A viral video showed how Filipinos are able to stay positive even during typhoon season.

The clip was uploaded on Facebook in the afternoon of August 13 ? at the height of Metro Manila?s torrential monsoon. It showed musician Zach Lucero alone in his car while in the middle of a highway gridlock. Numerous buses, cabs, and cars around his vehicle were also not moving.

Best known for being the guitarist of Filipino rock band Imago, Zach explained in the caption that he had been stuck in traffic for five long hours. In Manila, traffic usually worsens during a downpour due to flash floods in numerous areas.

In order to keep himself entertained, Zach began recording a cellphone video of himself while singing along to beat of his windshield wiper. The rock artist is perfectly in sync with the squeaky car device as he performed Madonna?s ?Like A Virgin.?

He occasionally switched the camera from his face to the seemingly hopeless traffic. The clip can be seen at the link in the end of this story.

In less than 24 hours, the amusing clip has gathered over 680,000 views and 25,000 Likes. Over 7,200 Facebook users have also shared the viral video.

Most people commended Zach for being able to show how Filipinos can stay positive even during stressful times. Other commenters also said that they will try doing something similar to the viral video the next time they are stuck in traffic.

According to Rappler, Philippine weather bureau PAGASA warned those in Luzon and Western Visayas to expect continuous and even heavier rains in the next 5 days. PAGASA forecaster Aldczar Aurelio said in a weekend press briefing that the rains are due to the southwest monsoon. However, southern Philippines will reportedly be spared, with just isolated rainshowers or thunderstorms.

Philippines Typhoon

The PAGASA rep clarified in the presscon that the recent downpour is lesser than the amount of rainfall that the Philippines experienced during Ondoy. The tropical storm had left hundreds of people dead back in 2009.

Ondoy was followed by super typhoon Haiyan (Philippine name: Yolanda) in 2013.

It packed 315kph winds and 380kph gusts with wind strength equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane. The catastrophe left thousands of Filipinos dead that the Philippine government struggled with rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts. ?

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