Viral Video Of 2 Cars Boxing A Vehicle That Parked Like A Douche Is Fake

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viral double parking video
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Not finding a vacant spot in a busy parking lot is upsetting, but seeing one that’s partially occupied by a two-space parker is beyond provoking. While most drivers would let such parkers off easily, two Oregon men decided to play parking cops and teach one inconsiderate parker a lesson.

After spotting a red Mercedes Benz take up two parking spaces in front of a local Best Buy store, pranksters decided to block him in, so that it would be impossible for him to open the car doors. Seeing no other way to get into his vehicle, the two-space parker was left with no choice but to open the back hatch and crawl his way to the front seat.

The pranksters, who have been hiding behind a nearby car, can be heard laughing in the video as the Benz owner struggled to get in his vehicle. The footage was taken by Instagram user Rough Jeep who also uploaded it on his YouTube account. It has since gone viral on social media including Facebook, earning thousands of comments from netizens. But was it really a genuine act of revenge?

Viral Double Parking Video – Is it Real or Fake?

The majority of viewers think the footage is a humorous attempt at educating inconsiderate drivers. However, there were some comments on Rough Jeep’s video claiming that the whole thing was staged.

“If you’re gonna stage something, at least make it realistic. Don’t have the guy sitting on the curb watching you park your car and then act surprised later on,” one Facebook user wrote. 

“Fake.. Pause at 14 secs and you will see the guy sitting on the curb.. no wonder he only kicked those big tires and that’s it,” another one said.

True to their observations, the guy seen sitting on a nearby sidewalk seems to be the same guy who threw his hands up in dismay and kicked the front tires of both Jeeps. As seen in the video, he wore the same gray and black hoodie, sweat pants, and white shoes.

The Pros

Despite its bogusness, many people still acknowledged that double parking happens in real life and that it’s a lesson inconsiderate drivers need to learn. In defense, other commenters claimed there are valid reasons as to why people opt to double park even when it’s deemed inappropriate.

“It’s because there are careless twats out there who ‘ding’ your doors. Careless and it’s expensive to get repaired. Also, cars are now wider. I would have got in through the boot and left a couple of flats,” one user explained while another responded: “What is so bad about a driver taking two spaces when there are clearly plenty of spaces available. Have you ever wondered why people need to do this? I often have to take two spaces when I take my elderly mother out; she is not disabled therefore we cannot use disabled parking bays but I need to open my car door wide in order to assist her to get in & out of the car.”

The viral double parking video has already been viewed nearly 700,000 times on YouTube. On Instagram, where Rough Jeep has 260,000 followers, the footage has over 90,000 views. The account which regularly uploads photos and video footages of Jeeps off-roading has posted several videos of getting revenge on bad parkers in the past.

Any thoughts on the viral double parking video? Do you think the prank was staged? What’s your take on double parking? Sound off in the comments section below!

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