[Viral] Sister Wives Daughter Mariah Brown Comes Out Of The Closet; See Kody Brown’s Reaction

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Mariah Brown

Meri and Kody Brown’s only daughter, Mariah Brown faced her fears as she came out as gay to her family last Sunday, January 8. But do Meri and Kody Brown approve?

In Sister Wives’ latest episode, every member of the family had their own reaction to Mariah Brown coming out of the closet. Some of their relatives admitted that they were a bit shocked about the revelation. While some extended their support.

Mariah’s dad, being the only daughter of Meri and Kody, was appalled about the revelation.

Mariah Brown’s Coming Out Of The Closet Experience

As per Mariah’s interview with People, she revealed that she used to be a homophobic to mask her true identity as a gay. She also shared how scared she was about having those feelings because of her upbringing in their church.

She was exposed to the church’s opinion of “being gay” as something bad. The Brown’s only daughter even had an encounter with a bishop who told her that gay people were selfish.

Mariah Brown said that her biggest fear was “to be gay.” Although, it helped a lot that she never heard her parents comment anything about it.

Mariah Brown described how hard 2016 was for her. On the contrary, she also feels that 2016 was the best year of her life, pertaining to her coming-out-of-the-closet experience.

Mariah Brown

Even more, Mariah shared how she knew it (being gay) has always been inside her, but she chose to hide it for a very long time because of fear.

What does Meri and Kody Brown has to say about it?

Kody Brown said that in the January 8 episode of Sister Wives, they weren’t exactly happy about their daughter’s big revelation. But he also clarified that their family’s happy that Mariah was able to know it for herself.

Kody shared the scenario, and told the cameras how Mariah dropped her revelation ‘like a bomb.’

On the other hand, Meri said that she ‘thought’ she knew Mariah, but after knowing that her daughter’s gay, she realized that she didn’t. She said that the event struck her as something unexpected.

Nonetheless, the couple  showed their support for their only daughter, Mariah Brown and her decision to come out of the closet.

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