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(Viral) Photo Of Emma Watson’s Doll As Belle Will Give You Nightmares

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Emma Watson Doll
Emma Watson Doll

Everyone fell in love with the story and lead characters of Beauty and the Beast over 25 years ago. Fans of the Walt Disney animated film will definitely patronize the upcoming live-action movie this March. But Disney may want to rethink the Emma Watson Belle doll and come up with something better because the current one will surely give the kids nightmare.

Lots of people thought it was downright hilarious. Others thought the Emma Watson Belle doll looked like Justin Bieber. But others were less than amused and more horrified than anything. Some even said the doll looked like it was high on drugs.

The online frenzy started when William Herrington saw the doll inside the JC Penney department store. The photographer shared his pics on Flickr and they suddenly went viral, per The Sydney Morning Herald.

He told Buzzfeed that the doll’s face was shiny and filled with freckles. Her head also looked ripped open and torn when the hair was placed on its head. Thus explaining why the images suddenly went viral. He said he knew Disney’s live-action dolls in Stores aren’t really hundred percent accurate, but he described this one as atrocious.

Beauty and the Beast

On a lighter note, the new poster for Disney‘s live action film was just released. More teaser from the movie is expected to be featured at the Golden Globes. The poster showcases the lead cast from the film. Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast) are front and center.

Bill Condon directed Beauty and the Beast and was also responsible for the last two Twilight films. The movie is expected to stay true to its original music but new tunes will be featured as well, per GAMESPOT.

Other cast members include Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline plays Maurice, Belle’s dad. Ewan McGregor is the voice behind Lumiere, Ian McKellan as Cogsworth, and Emma Thompson is the wise and adorable Mrs. Potts. Beauty and the Beast live-action film will hit theaters on March 17, 2017.

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