[Viral] Modern Japanese Samurai Fight Garbage in the Streets of Tokyo

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Modern Japanese Samurai

Flocking the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo, are modern Japanese Samurai in their yukatas and katanas? However, since times have changed, we don?t see them fighting or killing with their katanas. Instead, they are picking up trash? Watch the video below.

Cleaner Tokyo

These group of samurai performers are starting a movement in Japan. It was reported that earlier this year, every Sunday, this group roam Shibuya picking up trash with their fire thongs and placing them on their bamboo basket. VOA calls them as a group of self-styled eco-warriors.

Consisting of 5 members, these performers are aiming to spread awareness on environmental problems that Tokyo is facing. We do know that the Japanese people are well-disciplined and they clean their surroundings. Some say that the people who litter are mostly tourists. It?s a good thing that these performers are present as they can inspire others to pick up trash with them.

When they see other people helping, these modern Japanese samurai feel that what they do is very valuable and it makes them happy. Hopefully they can attract more people to pay attention to them and the environment, and keep Tokyo clean.

According to CKK News, these samurai have labeled themselves as Ambassadors of Urban Development.

Modern Japanese Samurai


Watch them in action here:

These litter-battling modern Japanese samurai are surely the eco-warriors we need today.

The Japanese People

The Japanese people, amidst their absurd concepts in some animes, mangas and movies, are generally polite people. They have clean streets and their trains are on time, just to name a few things that?s so admirable to see in their country. They also seem to value their culture very much and they love celebrating traditions.

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