Viral: Kid Who Blamed Batman Has Another Heartwarming Video

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Netizens love seeing this kid on their Facebook timeline. Now, another video featuring the little boy who blamed Batman has gone viral. This time, he was given an amazing surprise and the clip was heart-warming.

A mom named Laura Hopkins from Inverness, Scotland shares videos of her charming son, Noel. In the first clip, Noel was blaming Batman for scribbling on the mirror with pink lipstick. The aforementioned clip has been viewed more than 420,000 times.

The viral video was uploaded with a caption, ?If anyone sees Batman, can you tell him I’m wanting a word.? The video first appeared on Unmumsy Mum Facebook page. It was also shared several times since it was uploaded.

No one could be mad at Noel for blaming an all-time favorite superhero. His new video is now making the hearts of several social media users swell. Watch his new viral video below.

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Noel and Batman


In Noel?s newest video, the boy received a surprise from his mom. He can be heard saying, ? Wow, me and batman!? When he was asked what Batman was doing, he replied, ?He?s drawing on the mirror.?

Noel?s mom asks him again who drew on her mirror. Noel maintained that it was not him. He said it was Batman who did.

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Those who have already seen Noel?s first video can recall that Noel replied, ?It?s Batman! It’s Batman! Batman did it!” He actually replied with a straight face. On the second video, he is apparently not changing his mind.

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As for the first viral video, ABC News reported that Noel’s mom has another theory. She reportedly said, “I think Noel had gone into his sister’s room and she has a makeup box under her bed. Laura told the publication that he obviously has gotten to it.

Laura is a mother of two. She said her son is fond of superheroes. If you think Batman is his favorite, it seems he is more fond of The Hulk. Laura said her son has a fascination with superheroes, particularly The Hulk.

What can you guys say about Noel? Share us what you think through the comment section below.

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