[Viral] Floating balloon shocks netizens, ghost boy comforts Filipina mom

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Floating Balloon Ghost Boy

Sometimes, life really does take sad and tragic turns. Supposedly, children should bury their parents. However, one Filipina mother had to attend the funeral of her child.

A viral video of a white balloon floating towards a grieving mother at her son?s wake is making its rounds on various social media sites. Since Joy Vibar-Alamares posted it on Facebook, the clip has reached nearly five million views.

Viral floating balloon: Nothing but a miracle

Treb, 7 years old, recently passed away due to cancer. His casket was surrounded by beautiful petal arrangements with a framed portrait of him on top.?

Maybe to add something peaceful and pure around the depressed vacant room, Joy added a couple of white balloons. She, of course, was understandably upset and literally drowning in tears.?

A few moments later, relatives and friends were sympathizing with the broken-hearted mom, when something extraordinary ? divine if you will ? suddenly shocked all of them.

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In the video, one of the white balloons floated away from the casket and headed straight towards, none other than, Treb’s mother, Joy.?

According to?a number of?media outlets who covered the event,?the grieving family believes that the sole flying balloon was being moved by the spirit of the young boy.?

According to them, he probably wants to comfort his mother and remind everybody that he?s okay now. It?s was a heartbreaking moment that you have to see for yourself.

Viral floating balloon: Love from beyond the grave?

In case you?re wondering, did Joy freak out? Did the others freak out?

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Well, no. Joy, in fact, embraced the balloon and, unfortunately, continued to cry, maybe even more so than before. Treb’s spirit, as per Fox News, was comforting his mother from beyond the grave.

Neither proven to be true nor false, the important thing is Treb?s family feel more at peace now. The touching moment during the wake reminded them that life on earth won?t last long?because real happiness is waiting after that.

Do you believe that the ghost of the dead boy comforted his mother? Click here?for the video.


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