Viral: Can You Find Pikachu In This Sea Of Charlie Brown? [Answer Here]

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find pikachu

Pikachu has crossed over to Charlie Brown?s world, and if a Pok?mon trainer can?t spot the most popular Pok?mon in this puzzle, then forget about being a Pok?mon master.

It?s Monday, and admit it; you wish you can crawl back to bed or run your heart out, Flashpoint style, to go back to Saturday. Unfortunately, reality is a b*tch, and now you?re at your desk with a blank look on your face as you try to recall why you?re stuck in a job that you hate. Oh right, because bills.

Prolong the weekend further and put on your most pensive look. Pikachu is in there somewhere trying to get into Charlie Brown?s world.


find pikachu

It?s only been months ago when an image of a floral carpet with a camouflaged iPhone was uploaded by one Jeya May Cruz. The image had been shared 16,0000 times with netizens going crazy over the Where?s Waldo type of puzzle, only the image was actually that of a carpet and a mobile phone.

The puzzle, which has left thousands bewildered, went viral as Jeya captioned her image: ?Since I can?t sleep, let?s play a game. Look for the cellphone.? Everyone didn?t get to go to sleep trying to find the hidden mobile phone.

Other Where?s Waldo type puzzles that went viral were the panda in a sea of snowmen, and the owl in a slew of cats.

Scientific study

In 2009, St. Joseph?s Hospital and Medical Center made a study about understanding how the brain searches for objects of interest. The medium used for the study were Where?s Waldo puzzles. Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD and fellow researchers Jorge Otero-Millan, Xoana Troncoso, PhD, Stephen Macknik, PhD and Ignacio Serrano-Pedraza, PhD conducted a study to find Waldo. According to the research team, as participants searched, their eye movements were recorded. Findings show that the rate of microsaccades?the tiny, jerk-like fixational eye movements?increased dramatically when participants found Waldo.

?This explained human searching, which can assist in finding keys on a cluttered desk, or a child?s face on a playground,? said Dr. Martinez-Conde.

But, enough of that. Have you found Pikachu yet?

Don?t strain your eyes any longer. Spoiler! There he is right there.

find pikachu


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