Vine trying to be more competitive by redesigning their app

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In a bid to get more users their way, the Twitter owned app Vine, has redesigned its online site to allow users to see their six second video content without having the need to sign in or to create a new account.

Previously, users had to have accounts in Vine to access the site?s various six second content videos, but the developers realized that this is more of a deterrent as most people want more of a YouTube kind of interface where you can simply go to the website and browse to your heart?s content. ?This change makes Vine more accessible to users, and doesn?t restrict those who don?t have Vine accounts, to create new accounts just to check out their content.

The main platform for watching, sharing, and discovering new Vine videos is on the smartphone. ?Although the Vine app is popular on mobile devices, some members of the Vine community also mentioned that they want to search for Vine videos on their computers as well.

To address this request, Vine has made, a new version of the app that adds new features that are designed to help the users find Vine videos on the Internet. A noticeable update on the website is the explore area which shows common channels near the Popular Now and Trending Tags. Users who are familiar with the mobile version of the app should know this feature and they should also notice that it is more user friendly compared to before.

The other very noticeable new addition is the search bar which allows users to look for different content by simply typing in the name of a person, location or tag. It is quite similar to your typical search engine,?but specifically for vine videos.

These updates are all nice and should get more traffic headed towards Vine videos. All this does though is level the playing field. Vine is still catching up to other popular video or content websites like YouTube or Instagram. Vine may not think of being in direct competition to these websites right away, but they are still trying to make innovations to get more users their way.

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