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Vikings Season 5 Spoilers: Ragnar to Die, Astrid and Other New Characters to be Introduced

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The filming for Vikings Season 5 has begun. Ivar to be the fan favorite among Ragnar's sons?
The filming for Vikings Season 5 has begun. Ivar to be the fan favorite among Ragnar’s sons?

Vikings season 5 spoilers hint at Ragnar Lothbrok?s (Travis Fimmel) return to the Kattegat world. In connection to this, rumors are swirling that Ragnar will meet his ultimate fate at the hands of King Aelle. If the rumors are true, how would Ragnar?s pivotal death affect the lives of the remaining cast?

Another exciting thing to see in the upcoming season of Vikings is the first appearance of Astrid. The aforementioned role will be played by Josefin Asplund.

Astrid will be the female love interest of Lagertha. The former character is said to be the result of an extensive research done by Dr. Peter Frankopan, an Oxford University historian.

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Movie News Guide noted that the mention of Astrid is seen in The Silk Roads: A New History of the World. Avid Vikings fans know that in the Vikings culture, homosexuality is not forbidden.

It seems all the sufferings that Lagertha had endured from all the men she loved before was enough. So instead of a new man in her life, she will opt to have a romantic relationship with a fellow woman. Meanwhile, Ivar The Boneless will face pathological issues.

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New Characters

Aside from Astrid, other new faces are set to be introduced in Vikings season 5. These include actors Jonathan Rhys Meyers to play Dracula and Adam Copeland as Ketill Flatnose. The latter role is a warrior who will be sent to conquer and set up a Viking settlement in Iceland.

Vikings season 5 will consist of 20 episodes. The fifth season of the beloved TV series is apparently longer than the previous seasons which only had 10 episodes.

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As of this writing, there is no official release date for the upcoming installment yet. Be sure to keep checking here at TheBitbag for further Vikings season 5 updates. Also, share with us your thoughts about Vikings season 5 spoilers in the comment section below.

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