Vikings Season 5 Behind-the-Scenes Photos Revealed As Filming Begins; Ivar to be the Fan Favorite in Season 4B

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The filming for Vikings Season 5 has begun. Ivar to be the fan favorite among Ragnar's sons?
The filming for Vikings Season 5 has begun. Ivar to be the fan favorite among Ragnar’s sons?

Vikings Season 4 is currently on a break, but filming for the show?s fifth season has already begun. Some of the cast members have posted behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the set of Vikings Season 5. Meanwhile, the second half of Vikings Season 4 will see Ragnar?s sons all grown up, and the actors to play the roles have recently been cast. However, among Ragnar?s sons, Ivar will reportedly be the fan favorite, according to the actors. The show?s creator, Michael Hirst, also dished details on the direction of the show.

The cast of the Vikings TV show is busy once again as filming has begun for Season 5. Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn, and Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha, both posted updates from the show?s set. Ludwig posted a photo of his bloodied face on Twitter with the caption, ?Back at it #work #vikings.? Meanwhile, Winnick posted a video on Instagram and Twitter with the caption, ?We?re back #Vikings #Season5. The video shows her with other cast members and extras from the show.

Obviously, Lagertha, Winnick?s character, will be back for Vikings Season 5. It was previously rumored that she won?t be able to survive as she was seen hurt in Vikings Season 4 episode 10. However, it?s said that her character will rise up in the second half of Season 4, and Ragnar?s wives may soon battle it out in the show.

Meanwhile, new actors have been cast to play the roles of Ragnar?s sons in Vikings Season 4B. It was previously reported that the second half of the season will feature a time jump, and all of Ragnar?s sons will all be grown up. Marco Islo, Alex Hogh Andersen, Jordan Patrick Smith, and David Lindstron will play Hvitserk, Ivar, Ubbe, and Sigurd, respectively. IGN reports that the actors agree that Ivar will be the fan favorite among Ragnar?s sons. In fact, the crippled character is said to be poised to take over the world as the legendary Ivar the Boneless.

Furthermore, creator Hirst revealed that he still has plenty of material for Vikings Season 5.?”By the time we finish shooting season five in a couple of weeks I’ll have written 70 hours of Vikings,?and I’ve not for a moment been lost for material or been scratching around for a storyline. There was no difficulty with the raw material because it’s a very rich area of history. We’re dealing with the explosion of the Vikings into western Europe, and onwards into Iceland and Greenland and the Mediterranean,? he said in an interview with History Extra.

The premiere dates of Vikings Season 4B and 5 are yet to be revealed by History Channel.

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