Vikings Season 4b Episode 13 Recap, Episode 14 spoilers: Major War in the Horizon, the Revenge of Lagertha

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Vikings Season 4B episode 14 spoilers
Vikings Season 4 Ep 13 Recap

History Channel?s Vikings season 4B has been slow paced so far but episode 13 finally brings the much needed momentum. The episode aptly titled ?Two Journeys? see Ragnar Lothbrok and his son Ivar, the Boneless, journey into Wessex, while his other son, Bjorn Ironside, makes it to Paris.

Ragnar and Ivar in England

The episode opens up with Ragnar and Ivar having survived their voyage across the sea to England. Aslaug?s vision did come true after all but both the father and son are alive. However, there is major destruction and only a handful of their men have survived.

Soon enough, Aethelwulf discovers that Ragnar has arrived. Panicked to see the Vikings, he informs his father, King Ecbert. However, the king is unfazed and instead sets on his upcoming trip to Repton.


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On the other hand, Ragnar and Ivar have some father-son bonding. As they trek across the land, Ragnar is reminded how hard it can be for his disabled son. He insists that Ivar should be bold and throw away his leg brace, telling him he isn?t normal.

Ragnar?s journey doesn?t seem an easy one but he admits he has no plans on returning to his homeland. He formulates a plan and Ragnar and Ivar murder their fellow Vikings in their sleep. With their group dispatched, Ragnar and Ivar, a cripple and an old man, simply plan to slip under the radar. No sooner, they reached an English village where they are arrested.

Bjorn and Rollo Meet

In the meantime, Bjorn is fast approaching Paris. He plans to meet his uncle Duke Rollo, hoping to seek his help for a safe passage. In return, his group wouldn?t attack Frankia. Rollo responds by introducing his family but all the same, takes the group captive.

Ultimately, Rollo does come around even bringing a full map for Bjorn?s Mediterranean plans. He, however, put a condition for Bjorn?s safe passage, Rollo gets to accompany them on their adventure. Though Rollo?s wife is reluctant, Bjorn agrees and gets to be a Viking once again.

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Lagertha Plans Revenge

Back home, Lagertha has a plan and seeks revenge against Aslaug. She lays the groundwork for taking back Kattegat from Aslaug. She tells Astrid that Aslaug is not fit to be queen, neither does she want Aslaug?s sons to rule. However, Astrid is sympathetic, pointing out the fact that they are also Ragnar?s sons. Besides, Torvi has discovered that Margrethe knows quite a bit about Aslaug?s boys and a plan is hatched between her and Lagertha?s group.

Vikings S04E14 Episode 14 Synopsis and Promo

The next new episode is titled ?In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning,? and things get even more interesting. Ragnar and Ivar have surrendered themselves and are pretty desperate at the moment. However, the Viking is not a character you?d write off too soon, as he always surprises everyone.

Ragnar is known to have used such plans to get inside walls and wreak havoc. However, this time he is with his son who is a cripple. It remains to be seen if Ivar is indeed his secret weapon who would help him seek his revenge.


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On other hand, Lagertha is close to achieving her desires, according to the synopsis. This means the war with Aslaug is at hand. The preview shows us a bit of that faceoff wherein Aslaug reminds Lagertha that she never took Ragnar from her, Ragnar chose her. With Aslaug?s sons gone and an army at her door, she hopes to reason with Lagertha.

Vikings returns to History Channel with episode 14 on December 21, Wednesday, at 9 p.m. ET.

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