Vikings Season 4 Updates and Spoilers – Midseason to Come Out in July?

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The latest rumor on the ?Vikings? Season 4 has been about its apparent release date after ?Game of Thrones? wraps up its season finale; and now that GoT has finally ended, questions about the details of Vikings Season 4 have started to circulate online. According to Den of Geek, earlier this year, History Channel ordered sixteen episodes scheduled to air every Thursday starting February 18. It was slated to air for 10 weeks. That being said, there?s at least 10 more episodes scheduled to arrive mid-year as aside from the sixteen episodes, another four episodes were confirmed for show.

A rough guess on “Vikings” Season 4 episode 11?s schedule should arrive on the first Thursday after the ?Game of Thrones? season finale ends. And if that?s not the case, fans can still expect Vikings Season 4 to arrive this July. Why? Because most TV shows and their respective story arcs look for a mid-year season finale; at times to prevent too much reruns while they simultaneously air the current season.

The continuation of “Vikings” Season 4 will see the return of casts mainly Jasper P??kk?nen as Halfdan the Black, Dianne Doan as Yidu and Peter Franz?n as King Harold Finehair. As for the previous episodes of Vikings Season 4, the following references will guide you on how the show unfolded.

  • “Vikings Season 4” Episode 1 “A Good Treason”

  • “Vikings Season 4” Episode 2 “Kill The Queen”

  • “Vikings” Season 4 Episode 3 “Mercy”

  • “Vikings” Season 4 Episode 4 “Yol”

  • “Vikings” Season 4 Episode 5 “Promised”

  • “Vikings Season 4” Episode 6 “What Might Have Been”

  • “Vikings Season 4” Episode 7 “The Profit and Loss”

  • “Vikings” Season 4″ Episode 8 “Portage”

  • “Vikings Season 4” Episode 9 “Death All ‘Round”

  • “Vikings” Season 4″ Episode 10 “The Last Ship”

“Vikings” Season 4 is currently running the story concept of Ragnar taking over his people, in the absence of Rollo. Should Rollo remains committed to France and decides to abandon his own people, will Ragnar be able to man the group, or will they fall out once Ragnar succumbs to illness and die?

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