Vikings Season 4 Spoilers: What Creator Michael Hirst Has to Say About the New Season

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This is the Vikings Season 4B, the second half of the original Vikings Season 4 and creator Michael Hirst has some few interesting updates to say about the extended season. Consider this a spoiler, but it?s more of a recap of the previous season and Ragnar Lothbrok?s fate as he returns to Kattegat.

Hirst may not have elaborated, but he mentioned that Vikings Season 4 will not actually touch the life of Ragnar while he was away and appeared to have abandoned Kattegat. Rather, it may focus on the real reason why he returned. In a statement featured on the Screen Rant, Hirst was quoted saying ?Obviously, time has passed. Ragnar had lost a huge battle, and actually, normally, in Viking society at that time, if your leader, Earl, or King had lost in that way, they would quickly have been killed and replaced, because it was a meritocracy. But Ragnar was different, because he was the most famous Viking in Scandinavia.?

The character of Ragnar was seen leaving in the first half of Vikings Season 4 mainly because of the shame of losing. While it may seem easy to conclude that Ragnar left and started a new life somewhere else, Hirst said, his character is too important to let go, that recent Vikings Season 4 revealed he returned to Kattegat and to possibly reclaim his post.

Hirst however, admitted that, show-wise, Ragnar returned to England primarily because of his son Bjorn and Floki and the possible business in the settlement in Wessex. The first few episodes of Vikings Season 4B will reveal how Ragnar returned to his ex-wife and two sons.


Bjorn is drawn to his uncle and how they worked to fight for the people of Kattegat and Floki; Hirst reveals ?Floki is now going through very deep and profound changes, and reevaluating his life, his relationships, and this will continue. This is a very big thread in the story moving forward. I can?t exaggerate how big these changes will be. It?s Floki having to reimagine his whole life, who he is, what he?s here for.?

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