Vikings Season 4 Spoilers: Bjorn and Rollo Bond During Lothbrok?s Absence

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If the return of Vikings Season 4 is an indication that the battle between Ragnar Lothbrok and his son Bjorn Ironside is just starting, then fans might be in for some surprises in the series. In the recent Vikings Season 4 spoilers, it was revealed that Lothbrok left Kattegat because he?s not able to protect his people from their enemies.

In his absence, his son Bjorn Ironside, while he may not literally have taken the throne; worked on helping the people and staying true to Kattegat. Apparently, Lothbrok took to heart that his brother Rollo was able to win the battle in Paris and when Rollo beat Lothbrok in France, the people of Kattegat and the Vikings celebrated his win. Screenwriter Michael Hirst said ?People are rooting for Ragnar and Ragnar’s a sensitive guy and a beautiful guy and Rollo’s not. And yet, when Rollo succeeds and second-guesses Ragnar, I think people are quite pleased for him.”

According to reports, the idea of killing the characters of either Ragnar Lothbrok or Rollo never really occurred to Hirst. And with the battles that happened between the two brothers, Hirst implied that it was a mere occurrence that dictates the fate of the two Vikings and how their journeys will differ from each other

Meanwhile, the battle between the two brothers has left viewers thinking what might be the consequence of their respective ideologies. In the latest trailer of Vikings Season 4, it revealed how Bjorn Ironside asked the help of Rollo, asking him to accompany him on a mission originally meant for his older brother Floki. This mission, according to some Viking Season 4 spoilers, led to a special bond between Bjorn and Rollo, something that will not be welcome in Lothbrok?s books.


Others think that the bond will be the start of Bjorn and Rollo trying to take the throne and make sure Lothbrok will have nothing to return to when he decides to return home.

Vikings Season 4 is set to return on The History channel on September 22, 2016. Don?t miss all the new Vikings Season 4 spoilers by reading on TheBitBag.

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