Vikings Season 4 Spoilers: Aslaug To Betray Ragnar? Will Lagertha Rescue Him?

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Vikings Season 4 spoilers say Aslaug will betray Ragnar in order for her to rise to power and become the ruler of Kattegat. What will happen to Ragnar? Will Lagertha rescue him?

Kattegat will possibly be ruled by a queen when the second half of season 4 returns in July as Ragnar has gone missing and Aslaug is said to ?rule in his stead.

After Ragnar?s failure in conquering Paris, his depression has ruled over him and drove him insane, Movie News Guide reports. The once mighty ruler and fearsome warrior has lost his confidence after the defeat in the Paris raid and now, his queen, Aslaug, wants to take advantage of his vulnerability. Ragnar?s sons could take his place as ruler of the Vikings but they are not yet ready, and Lagertha might also make her claim, being the mother of Bjorn, Ragnar?s eldest son.

Now, it?s a queen on queen battle. In the mid-season finale, Lagertha was fatally stabbed in the chest and was neither seen nor mentioned after the battle and in the time jump. However, creator Michael Hirst already confirmed that Lagertha is indeed alive and will return to claim the crown from Aslaug.

Hirst said that the shield maiden is a huge part of the show and far too important that she cannot just make her exit to Valhalla that easily. Hirst shared to TV Guide, ?There?s a feminist collective in New York who wrote to me a couple years ago and they said, ?We don?t care how many of the male characters you kill off, but if you do anything to Lagertha, you?re in trouble.? So I?m very careful about that warning.?

But on a more serious note, Hirst said that Lagertha had ?gone on this amazing female journey in which she?s gone from farmer?s wife [who?s] happily married with kids, to being betrayed, to being in an abusive relationship, to having power, to having power taken away from her by men, to having to fight her way back, to having to lose her baby again.?

The creator also added, ?She is the soul of the show and I need her.?

What could have happened before the time jump that led to the present events? Where could Ragnar have gone? Will Lagertha be able to take the crown from Aslaug?

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