Vikings Season 4 Return Date Finally Confirmed By History Channel; New Set Photos Shared By ?Bjorn?

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Photo: History Channel

The Vikings Season 4 return date ?is finally confirmed by the History Channel when a fan tweeted the network asking when the historical drama will return.

However, History did not reveal the exact date of return and only replied to the fan, ?Season 4 will return later this year. Thanks for being a fan of #Vikings!? The fan thanked the network for the reply but other fans still kept on insisting for them to reveal the date.

Meanwhile, new set photos have been released revealing old Ragnar and Lagertha?s new love interest. As recalled, the Season 4 mid-season finale ended with a dramatic time jump after Ragnar?s defeat in Paris. He was then sent into a self-imposed exile in which he only returned after a huge time jump. Now, we will see Ragnar slowly struggle to redeem himself after his massive defeat. Creator Michael Hirst told EW that the old Norse king?s narrative will not focus on what happened to him while he was away. Instead, it will focus on what motivated him to return.

Hirst said, ?Obviously, time has passed. Ragnar had lost a huge battle, and actually, normally, in Viking society at that time, if your leader, Earl, or King had lost in that way, they would quickly have been killed and replaced, because it was a meritocracy. But Ragnar was different, because he was the most famous Viking in Scandinavia. But for him, the shame of losing was too great to stay around. He absented himself. But he was too famous to immediately replace.?

The question going into the second half of Season 4 is how Ragnar will be received in his return. Will they still consider him to be their king? Or will it be the young ones? turn to prove their valour?


Lagertha and Astrid, Photo: History

As for Lagertha, we will see her with a new love interest when the series picks up. This time, the shieldmaiden and Earl, will have a relationship with a woman named Astrid played by Josefin Asplund. Hirst notes that Lagertha?s history with men has been a series of disappointments, and now she is with someone she can trust.

?She?s a ruler, she?s got lots of responsibility, she has ambitions beyond that, but in terms of her personal life, if she can help it, she?s not gonna get involved with another guy who?s gonna want immediately to take her earldom away from her,? Hirst explains. ?So she?s with a woman, who?s not going to want to do that ? at least initially!?

But Lagertha also has some unfinished business in Kattegat with Queen Aslaug and based on the trailer, she will definitely seek revenge. She tells Aslaug in the trailer, ?I will never forgive you for taking away my husband, my world, and my happiness.?

So when Season 4 returns, we will see the two queens come face-to-face. Since Ragnar went into exile, Aslaug was the one who stood as ruler in Kattegat, but for Lagertha, she is not an effective one or the right ruler. So, we will also see how these two Viking women fight for what they think truly belongs to them.

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