Vikings Season 4 Release Date Confirmed: New Time Slot Revealed

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The Vikings Season 4 release date has been confirmed. The second installment of Vikings Season 4 will hit the screens on November 30 with a new time slot. It will now air at 9/8c.

First Part Recap

The first 10 episodes of the fourth season of Vikings were aired from February to April this year.

The first installment ended?with a battle between Ragnar’s Vikings?against Rollo’s frank. Fans could notice that in that?Ragnar?s head was not on straight for the battle. He seemed to be overtaken by blood lust. He was only there just?to kill?Rollo. Ragnar was also shown to be?suffering from some kind of a withdrawal episode before arriving in France.

In the heat of the battle, Ragnar found his chance to ultimately faced Rollo. The two brothers fought and eventually ended into a?stalemate. Ragnar colleagues Halfdan, Floki and Lagertha suffered injuries in the battle as well.?

The battle progressed and ended with the Franks driving the Vikings away. This led?Ragnar to command?Bjorn to retrieve?Lagertha and?fall back. Ragnar has been taken over by his rage and attacked?Rollo. This was foiled as he was?taken away into their ships to?retreat.

The last episode showed that?Ragnar disappearing?from Kattegat. It is then that news?came about the Viking settlement in England was destroyed. This settlement was allowed there in negotiations and in good faith between?King Ecbert and Ragnar. This though did not matter as the settlement was slaughtered. There was also another message that did not reach Ragnar’s sons in good tidings. It was that he was in Wessex and had a son named Magnus. This resulted to Ragnar?s sons resenting?him.

Ragnar was shown to have returend to Kattegat. The place though was?all different. He felt that he was unwelcomed and challenged his sons to kill him to claim kingship.

What to expect

It is expected that?storyline will not just focus on just Ragnar anymore. This has been pointed out by?Screen Rant. The report?contains a?reminder?by series creator and writer Michael Hirst that Vikings is not about just one man. It is about the saga of Ragnar and his sons. This points to more?storylines focusing on his sons. Bjorn is expected to sail to the Mediterranean with Floki. We might also see the rise of Ivar as the most popular and feared Viking warrior in history.

A?clash between Ragnar and Rollo is also to be expected. Fans have also been expecting?Ragnar to get killed off in the second installment. We shall see.

The Vikings Season 4 release date is again on November 30 and its new timeslot is 9/8c.

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