Vikings Season 4 News: ‘Bjorn Lothbrok’ Reveals His Training To Beef Up For Bigger Battles In Next Installment

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Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn in Vikings Season 4

Vikings season 4 is expected to have more action-filled battle scenes. This could be the reason why actor Alexander Ludwig has been training harder to effectively portray his role as Bjorn Lothbrok.

The 24-year-old was approached to join the History Channel show after he had just finished filming Lone Survivor. He fell in love with the series after watching it, so he accepted the role of Bjorn Lothbrok. The character of Ludwig is the son of lead character Ragnar, played by Travis Fimmel.

Extensive training as Bjorn Lothbrok

Having an integral part in the series that is physical in nature requires Ludwig to train extensively.

?It?s a physical role and I did a lot of fight training with trainers who worked on Troy and other movies,? he said in an interview with Muscle and Fitness.

The cast member said that if he is not on the set during filming, he can be found training for the show?s fight scenes, which the new season will supposedly have a lot of. Ludwig also shared that it was tiring to properly learn how to yield an axe, sword and shield. Nonetheless, he had to learn how to do it naturally as using the said weapons during fight scenes is no joke. ?It’s real,? he narrated. ?You’re whacking and smacking it out. It’s vicious.?

Vikings Season 4

More action for Vikings season 4?

All the physical preparations for the new installment is likely to fuel rumors that Vikings season 4 will be more action-filled.

Exact details about battle scenes were left out by creator Michael Hirst during a recent interview. According to him, the new season will focus more on the life of Ragnar after he recently lost a huge battle.

?Obviously, time has passed,? he said. ?Ragnar had lost a huge battle, and actually, normally, in Viking society at that time, if your leader, Earl, or King had lost in that way, they would quickly have been killed and replaced, because it was a meritocracy.?

However, he did say that Ragnar is likely to reclaim his post, which hints at possible big, violent battles for Vikings season 4. ?Ragnar was different, because he was the most famous Viking in Scandinavia,? Hirst said.

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