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Vikings Season 4 Episode 17 ‘The Great Army’ Leaked Promo Fuels Fan Theories On Social Media

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Screenshot from History Channel’s official YouTube page

A promo for Vikings season 4 episode 17 made its way online. Titled “The Great Army,” the leaked teaser fuelled several fan theories.  

Viewers of the hit historical drama would remember that episode 16 continued the story after the death of Ragnar Lothbrok. Travis Fimmel played the said main character.

Since his passing, fans have been wondering how Ragnar’s song’s will avenge on King Aelle, played by Ivan Kaye.

Episode guide leaked

To date, History Channel has not yet released the official Vikings season 4 episode 17 promo or synopsis. However, Zap2It revealed an episode schedule that indicated the title “The Great Army.”

Aside from this, the report also contained titles for the remaining entire installment. Episode 18 will be named “Revenge,” while the 19th will be “On The Eve.” The season finale will be titled “The Reckoning.”

The guide has fueled several Vikings season 4 theories from fans. Many believe that the title “The Great Army” hints at the formation of what history enthusiasts know as the Great Heathen Army. This will be led by the sons of Ragnar who will seek revenge for his death. Based on online information about this historical event, the movement will be spearheaded by Ivar the Boneless.


Screenshot from History Channel’s official YouTube page

Major Vikings season 4 episode 17 spoiler

Furthermore, widely-followed YouTube fan pages have been sharing the alleged trailer for “The Great Army.” The link can be found at the end of this story.

The preview featured Ragnar’s sons Ivar, Sigurd, and Ubbe. They are played by actors Alex Hogh, David Lindstom, and Jordan Smith.

The three talk about “a great army” that they are planning to create. Ivar cryptically said that he wants the group to be “twice the size of the army [their] father took to Paris.”

Based on the brothers’ conversation, many believe that the next episode will reveal the details of this major storyline.

Other subplots

Aside from this monumental development, fans have been talking about the show’s other subplots teased in the promo.  

Jennie Jacques’s character Judith was seen talking to King Aelle. She warns him about the “scale of the retribution” – most likely referring to the army of Ragnar’s sons. However, the King simply responded that he is “fully prepared.”

There were also scenes featuring Katheryn Winnick’s character Lagertha. She murdered their mother Aslaug all the way back in episode 14. However, a scene from the trailer hinted that her punishment will finally unfold in the next episode.

Fans can check the promo of Vikings season 4 episode 17 HERE. Make sure to also keep following TheBitBag for show updates.

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