Vikings Season 4 Episode 13 Australia Netflix Air Date, Spoilers: Ragnar to Die for Real?

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Vikings Season 4 rumors
Vikings Season 4 Ep 13

American channel History has revealed the promo video for the next installment of the Vikings season 4. The next chapter titled ?Two Journeys? follows episode 12 wherein the fate of Ragnar and his son Ivar the Boneless were left hanging in the air.

Last week?s ?The Vision? saw Ragnar sail to Wessex, England with old locals he bribed with treasure despite Aslaug’s warning. Aslaug had a vision of Ivar drowning and warned them of ?his imminent death, should they proceed to Wessex. Sure enough, they met a violent storm and their ships capsized.

Episode 13 Spoilers

Death Awaits Ragnar

Going into Ep 13, first we find Ragnar and his son Ivar having survived the sinking of the fleet, but are in very bad shape. The duo are forced to make a difficult decision. With their ships wrecked and crew dismantled, they are forced to head out on their own.

Meanwhile, Aethelwulf and King Egbert discover that the Vikings are back on land, so the hunt begins. The promo video of this plot sees Ragnar, followed by his son, go to the gates of the Kingdom of Wessex. Speculations are rife that the Viking would finally meet his maker as history tells that the king was thrown into a pit of snakes.

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Bjorn meets Rollo

The second trip we will follow is obviously that of Bjorn. Ragnar?s other son has a difficult decision to take in this chapter. He meets his uncle Rollo, whom he asks to let him pass so that he can reach his goal in the Mediterranean.

However, Rollo will only accept on condition that he joins the fleet. The decision is expected to cause quite a stir within the Kingdom of the Franks. Bjorn also has to face his wife, to whom he promised to remain a Viking.

Besides these two trips, the promo video also show us new images of Lagertha attacking Kattegat. The fighting ahead seems bloody and destructive.

Official Synopsis: Ragnar?s fleet is shipwrecked and washes up on the Wessex coast, but without enough survivors to form a credible force, Ragnar and Ivar have a difficult decision to make. Rollo meets his Viking comrades again and can?t resist the urge to join Bjorn?s voyage, risking his marriage and his new Frankish identity. Ragnar too is taking a risk as he carries Ivar towards the Royal Villa in Wessex ? throwing himself and his son upon the mercy of King Ecbert.

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Vikings season 4, episode 13 ?Two Journeys? will air Wednesday, December 14 at 9 p.m. ET on History.

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