Vikings Season 4, Episode 11 Update: Release Date, Spoilers and News

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Vikings Season 4 will have a brand new 10-episode deal on The History Channel later this year; a much awaited confirmation after the first 10 episodes for the same season finished mid-year. The original slot was originally for a 16-episode schedule until the network ordered an additional four to complete the 10 episodes.

A recap of the current season shows Ragnar returning to Kattegat after he was beaten in battle by his brother Rollo (Clive Standen) and the Parisians. Worst, he came home to a town that totally lost its trust on him. As a way to redeem himself, Ragnar encouraged everyone to prepare themselves and fight him; then maybe they can all proclaim themselves as king of the place. Vikings Season 4 meanwhile features Bjorn?s (Alexander Ludwig) own struggles. While it may not be as intense as Ragnar?s, the fight angles to push Bjorn to choose whether to fight in order to be the next King or battle against his father?s will.

Ragnar?s fear that his sons will become more famous than him becomes a hindrance on how he performs his duties. Previous reports suggests that Ragnar may soon face his death, but showrunner Michael Hirst may have something different to say about the idea. After Ragnar?s apparent failing in the last few episodes of Vikings Season 4, fans knew exactly how the rest of the season will be for him.

In a report by TheBitBag, Hirst is not yet ready to let go of Ragnar?s character. In fact, he shared some few ideas on why he thinks Ragnar should stay, and it includes his return to England to confront Ecbert. After the confrontation, Hirst thinks that it might be the thing that will put Ragnar?s life back in full circle.

A video promo of Vikings Season 4 episode 11 shows Rollo, brother of Ragnar, wishing to return to France. But by the time he reaches the country, Ragnar?s son Ivar the Boneless may have acquired the throne of the king.

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