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Vikings Season 4 Cast: Meet 4 New Actors As Ragnar’s Sons In Midseason Premiere

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There are new actors that will play Ragnar?s sons in Vikings Season 4 cast. At the end of the midseason finale of Vikings Season 4, the show is moving way past Ragnar?s defeat in Paris to the time where his sons are now grown up.

In Vikings Season 4 Episode 10, the show featured the two brothers, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen), take on each other in an epic battle. A drugged-up Ragnar was defeated by his traitor of a brother and the men of Paris. This defeat forced Ragnar with his injured ex-wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), their son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Floki (Gustaf Skargard) to turn tails back to Kattegat.

But when Ragnar goes back to Kattegat, it was far different from when he left. In an interview with Vikings creator Michael Hirst by The Hollywood Reporter, he said that Ragnar will come back as a beaten and hated man. This ties in with Ragnar?s sons and how they will deal with their father being back after so many years.

The actors that will play as Ragnar?s sons are Alex H?gh Andersen as Ivar, Marco Isl? as Hvitserk, Jordan David Lindstrom as Sigurd and Patrick Smith as Ubbe. Of course, Ludwig will continue to play the role of Bjorn. According to IGN, the casting of these four additional actors were kept a great secret even to their friends and families. They were not allowed to divulge why they were spending much time in Dublin but now the secret is out and let?s get to know them a little.

Isl? and Andersen are from Denmark and had worked together previously in a short film. They too, drove together to auditions for their parts in Stockholm. Lindstrom is Scandinavian and from Sweden while Smith, like Fimmel, is Australian. Lindstrom is known for playing Simon Nilsson in Blue Eyes, a TV series about extremism, politics and violence in Sweden. Smith is known for playing Private Mulroney in Banished, a British TV drama series inspired by events when the British established a penal colony in Australia.

We expect these four, including Bjorn, to do their parts in exploration and raiding. As Hirst explained, historically, Bjorn Ironside sailed around the Mediterranean and went to Spain and Africa. This feat makes him arguably more famous than Ragnar. Ivar the Boneless also was known for leading attacks on Scotland and England.

It is a great burden to be a son of Ragnar and viewers are anxious on how this new time jump and characters affect the show.

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