Vikings Season 4: Alfred Vs. Ivar, Sons of Athelstan Vs. Ragnar, Possible?

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Vikings Season 4 is coming this fall. It has been highly anticipated as the world of our favorite Vikings is bound for a change. Ragnar has aged and appeared weaker than he can afford to. There is tension between him and his grown sons who are looking to make a name for themselves.

Looking at the Comic-Con trailer, we speculated that the second half of Vikings Season 4 will have three main story arcs. These will be (1) Ragnar and his sons, (2) Lagertha vs. Aslaug, and (3) Ragnar?s capture and possible death. But conversations around the TheBitBag watercooler made us think that Vikings Season 4 might lead to a major shift–epic battles between the Vikings and the English. These would likely seem to involve Alfred, the illegitimate son of Athelstan, and Ivar the Boneless.

The people behind Vikings have surely exercised some creative maneuverings. This, though, to the fans of the show is one of the good points. One major penning maneuver is when the writers have Alfred, soon to be Alfred ?The Great,? be fathered by the monk turned viking, Athelstan.

Historically, Alfred The Great is recognized to be the first king of England. He was known to successfully fight off the Vikings. But he too like most military leaders have tasted defeat and some were from confronting the Great Heathen Army that was led by Ragnar?s son, Ivar the Boneless.

A battle between the two is one of the possible climaxes for Vikings Season 4 to have. It is like coming full circle for the Sons of Athelstan and Ragnar to meet without knowing the deep friendship that their fathers share. And, as Alfred would turn out to be the dominant ruler in England at the time of his death, through Athelstan, there would be some tinge of Viking in the throne of England.

Do you think that a showdown between him and Ivar is possible? Even inevitable considering it?s historically sound? Leave your comments below.

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