Vikings Season 4: 3 Exciting Story Arcs Revealed in Comic-Con Trailer

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The History Channel had crashed the San Diego Comic-Con with the new Vikings Season 4 trailer. The midseason premiere is said to be this fall and has been one of the most anticipated returns on television. Here?s the Vikings Season 4 new trailer below.

It is set in the aftermath of Ragnar Lothbrok?s (Travis Fimmel) failed Paris campaign. He returns and seems to be unwelcomed. Bjorn is seen (Alexander Ludwig) talking to The Seer (John Kavanaugh) and is informed that his father?s return brings bad fortune. Bjorn is also seen to be sailing to the Mediterranean to pillage with Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard). We also see tensions rising between Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). There is also a scene where Ragnar has been captured. It looks like we may see the end of his journey in this season or the next.

From the trailer, it seems like there will be three exciting story arcs that Viking Season 4 will touch on.

Ragnar vs. His Sons

Ragnar is unwelcomed and his sons are not happy that he has returned. They too, historically, are going to make a name for themselves and want to step out of their father?s shadow. In this arc, we will get to know the new grown-up sons of Ragnar. It?s possible that the people behind Vikings will slowly focus on Ragnar?s sons as Ragnar himself is aging and has been succumbing to failures.

One interesting thread here would be Bjorn?s quest for the Mediterranean with Floki at his side. He might be sailing to prove that he is the best candidate to replace the unwelcome king.

Lagertha vs. Aslaug

Tension has risen between Lagertha and Aslaug and it looks like they are about to settle it this season. Lagertha is seen to be just outside Kattegat with her army after Queen Aslaug is also getting ready for battle. Shall we see Lagertha back in power in Kattegat? This thread would be pretty interesting. How will Ragnar and his sons take this conflict?

Ragnar?s Capture and Possible Death

Ragnar is seen in the trailer surrounded by men with spears leading him to a cage. It also feels like there will be a passing of the torch from Ragnar to his son, Ivar the Boneless (Alex H?gh Andersen). Historically, Ivar the Boneless, according to Michael Hirst, may be the most famous Viking in history. He is credited for the attacks in England and Ireland. In the trailer, we see Ragnar telling him that in the future, the whole world will know the name Ivar the Boneless.

From the looks of it, Vikings Season 4 will be another smash hit. It is pegged to come back this fall but without an exact date yet. Stay tuned for more updates.

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