Videogames With The Best Soundtracks Ever

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Best Videogame Music
Best Videogame Music

Popular video games don?t go popular with just being about gameplay and graphics. Music in videogames also plays a very important role in showcasing the game?s feel and emotion. Aside from silent games like Pong, music has been an integral part of the videogame industry for a long time. Even Tetris became iconic not just because of the gameplay, but also with its famous background music.

Music is one of the most important points in a game. Good music can make a bad game look a bit more bearable, and ?bad music can turn a good game into a disturbing experience, especially for purist gamers.

If you?re curious at which games sported the BEST music, you need to check out these games.

Guilty Gear Series

Who wouldn?t want to play a lightning fast fighting game with speedy metal track playing in the background? Daisuke Ishiwatari?s work on Guilty Gear?s music is almost as outrageous as the game itself. It wouldn?t matter if you are a fan of the genre because Guilty Gear?s music will get you pumped up with the game.

Metal Gear Solid Series

If you?re looking for some cinematic and atmospheric background music in a game, you need not to look further as you can get it all from Metal Gear (starting from Metal Gear: Solid for PlayStation 1). From the original game for the PlayStation, up to Snake Eater, Metal Gear?s music had been so good, that it could even be used in a James Bond movie or better. All the soundtracks are amazing, but the best bit into these is the main theme, which is probably the best videogame theme in the history of gaming.

Final Fantasy I ? X

Nobuo Uematsu can easily be one of the most popular videogame music composers of all time. Why? Because he was behind most Final Fantasy music. Up to the tenth one at least. He did the best sounding videogame themes like Dancing Mad for Final Fantasy 6, One Winged Angel for Final Fantasy VII. The series boasted boundary-defying music, even at the early stages of video games.

Super Mario Bros.

And who would forget this infamous music from the videogame that started it all?

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