Video UFC 196 Nate Diaz Chokes Conor McGregor For Big Upset Win

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nate diaz vs conor mcgregor

Nate Diaz proved everyone wrong (except his brother, maybe) when he defeated Conor to win the UFC 196 welterweight title. Diaz put the Irish to submission at 4:12 in round two with a rear-naked choke.

The fight got to an exciting start with McGregor dictating the tempo off the bell. He immediately landed a combination using his speed including a leg kick and an uppercut inside two minutes of round one. Nate then caught McGregor?s kick and threw him down, but the Irish managed to sweep to top position and gave Diaz a few ground-and-pound. Scorecards showed 10-9 advantage McGregor.

McGregor continued to be aggressive on round two, launching a spin and wheel kick, but he failed to connect. He continued to pummel Diaz with combinations and landed big uppercuts also. The fight started to turn around when Diaz threw a good knee. As Conor aimed for a takedown, Diaz slapped on a guillotine and mounted Conor. As Diaz beat Conor, the latter gave up his back that allowed Diaz to lock up a rear-naked choke that nailed the win.

Here’s a short clip from UFC Europe Twitter:

The Diaz choke didn?t surprise analysts, according to a TheGuardian discussion thread. UFC observers believe McGregor stretched himself a tad too thin leveling up to the 170 lbs. If the Diaz loss is any indication, McGregor, they say, should go back to lightweight, noting that Diaz is but one of the weaker fighters in the division, which has Robbie Lawler dominating the class. Should McGregor head back to 145 lbs?

What went before

Diaz has Rafael Dos Anjos? foot injury to thank, which sent the former to a title spot. Conor was supposed to fight dos Anjos in the lightweight class before the Brazilian suffered a foot injury, which threw Diaz into the picture as a replacement and pushed the division to a notch higher.

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