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Video Shows How Samsung Made the Galaxy S7 Water Resistant

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 made waves during the Mobile World Congress 2016 when the South Korean electronics giant unveiled it to the world. One of the features that really made a big splash is the fact that the smartphone was waterproof. This feature was tested by T-Mobile when they did an underwater unboxing video for the smartphone via their YouTube channel, which really showed that it can function underwater right out of the box.

If you have been wondering how exactly Samsung made the Galaxy S7 waterproof, then the recent teardown video posted on YouTube is just for you. According to BGR, YouTube user JerryRigEverything uploaded a video which explains how the Galaxy S7 became so water resistant.

In response to the video, 9to5Google explains that the smartphone is not completely waterproof as Samsung itself has stated that it can handle being underwater up to depths of 1.5 meters and for a duration not exceeding 30 minutes. The report highlights that Samsung effectively sealed the parts of the Galaxy S7 which could allow water to enter. Built-in rubber seals in the SIM card tray, the power button, the MicroUSB port and the 3.5mm jack prevents moisture from seeping into the smartphone thus protecting it from damage.

The company also used a particularly innovative way to stop water from getting in the speakers of the phone. To prevent the water from passing through the speaker while still allowing sound, Samsung made use of a screen made up of really tight mesh which prevents water from coming. The mesh helps in preventing water from entering the smartphone, but it does not affect the sound quality at all.

If you haven?t seen the complete teardown video yet, make sure you check it out on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel to see the innovation incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S7 to make it one amazing waterproof smartphone.

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