Video Gaming Industry Increases Growth For Years To Come

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The gaming industry has been evolving for the past decades. Kids were hooked to playing Super Mario way back in 1985. Now a lot of games have been developed to quench the thirst of every gamer out there. Hi-tech gaming consoles have been invented and sold online. Now, let?s take a closer look as to what lies ahead on video gaming in the years to come.

It has been noted that video gaming is a hundred billion industry. Experts have long said that this industry is on its infancy. This means that there are a lot of things to look forward to. Different sectors of video gaming such as content creation, advertising and licensing rights have all combined forces to create a strong industry.

Video gaming is not all about the games, it comprises of the following: hardware, software, mobile apps and gaming consoles. This is an industry where it is going to be climbing up on its peak. Experts have said that sales reach way up to $30 million for video game alone. Not only that people prefer to buy games on the Internet than going to local store.

Chris Morris, CNBC reporter said that 40,000+ jobs are related to the the gaming industry. The figure alone is a testament that indeed there is a growth within the industry. An average employee for a video gaming industry earns more than $80,000. Getting a good pay is made possible when working in this industry. How much for those who are developing video games? They are paid quite a handsome amount to pay for their hard work.

The age bracket of those who play video game ranges from the young ?all the way to the young at heart. This simply means Americans surely have a soft spot for video gaming. There will always be a market for video games. As for what lies ahead, one thing is certain there is an increase of growth of the video gaming industry. There will be newly developed games to be launched in the next few months, new features will be added to the launching of a new version of a gaming console, among others.

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