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Video Games Turned To Movies And Vise Versa Continue To Wow And Irritate Fans Alike!

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Video Games Turned to?movies have been a current trend lately with the success of films like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Lara Croft series among others, and if you think that these movies are horrible, just remember the time where ??its so bad its good? flicks filled the screen with the likes of Super Mario Bros.?and Street Fighter.

There have also been a constant surge of movie-turned video games like the stunning Batman Arkham series and the Lego Games that turns every movie you love into blocks. There is also a constant surge of companion apps and mobile games for Android and iOS that sync with the release of blockbuster movies.

With Comic Con in San Diego concluding just recently, video game fanatics and film enthusiasts have had a lot to look forward to in the future. Movies and Video Games fronted the event and a number of video games turned?to?movies and movie-turned video games were announced. With the steady improvement in technology, we can surely expect less god-awful movies and video games today and you should check these out.

Here are the latest video games turned to movies and movie-turned video games:

Video Games Turned To Movies


Warcraft Movie

Warcraft Movie

The game that made dozens of gamers lose hours of their life will be making movie goers appreciate the game?s universe and?lose about two hours watching a video-game turned movie. Those who are unfamiliar with Warcraft shouldn?t worry as the Warcraft film director said he is making the movie approachable for newcomers like how The Lord of the Rings movie handled its universe.

The movie will combine live action and CGI to show and tell the epic battle between the orcs (Horde) and the humans (Alliance) and will equally put the spotlight on both factions. The tale will be told from the Horde?s perspective as they flee their world and the humans who must defend their village. Warcraft is slated for a June, 2016 release.


Monopoly Movie

Monopoly Movie

While Monopoly is not based on a video game, it?s still a game that you surely have played before. The widely popular board game which lets you dominate and monopolize businesses is getting a movie experience with Oscar Nominee for ?The Truman Show? Andrew Niccol writing the story. The story will center on a boy from Baltic Avenue who uses both chance and community to make a fortune. Monopoly will be put on the big screen by Hasbro and Lions Gate Entertainment.

Assassins Creed?

Assassins Creed Movie

Assassins Creed Movie

This won?t be the usual fan-made short films you see on the internet. The Assassins Creed movie will be a feature-length film based on the popular Assassins Creed Game and is being produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures and to be distributed by 20th Century Fox with a slated December 2016 release. Michael Fassbender will produce the film and will also star in the show as Desmond Miles (The man who uses the animus to relieve the life of the Assasins like Altair from Assassins Creed 1 and Ezio Auditore from Assassins Creed 2). French actress Marion Cotilard will also be starring in the show. The film is slated for release on December 2016.


You will now get to see your favorite retro games come to life, but not as heroes but as villains as they wreak havoc in the city. The movie is coming out in theaters this July 24, 2015.


Gamers were treated last year with an over-the-top game featuring the merc with a mouth with a Deadpool video game which satisfied fans, as it replicated the comics with the same breaking the 4th wall?experience and loud cracking jokes and nonsense action.

The entertainment industry is taking a risk with an R-rated Deadpool movie which puts actor Ryan Reynolds wearing the suit and a CGI to animate deadpool?s eyes. The movie seems to be retaining all the qualities, personality, and action of Deadpool with intense violence, tons of sexual references, and nonsense over the top action.

Movies Turned to Video Games

Transformers: Devastation

Transformers Devastation is a cell-shaded 80?s looking retro game that will give you d?j? vu of you?re the Transformers cartoons. We are surely excited with the Transformers: Devtations? offering of a fast paced action style gameplay. The game looks to be a big hit if it is as good as its SDCC trailer.

Lego Marvel?s Avengers

The game will feature Marvel characters and story-lines from the popular flick Avengers as well as the sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. A report said that over 150 characters will be available in the game. Lego Marvel?s Avengers will be available this winter for current consoles, the PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and on PC.

Heroes Reborn: Genesis, Heroes Reborn: Enigma

Along with the announcement of a reboot of the TV series Heroes comes two video-games that will serve as its prequel. Heroes Reborn: Genesis is an action-adventure game set for consoles and PC release where you must use both your time-travel and telekinesis powers to outclass enemies and solve puzzles. Heroes Reborn: Enigma is an action-puzzle game for mobile devices. Both games will utilize the Unreal 4 Engine and will employ the First Person Perspective. Both games are slated for release on September 24 to coincide with the launch of the TV series.

Star Wars Battlefront

The reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise based on the famous George Lucas series will let you experience the thrill of fighting in the Star Wars Universe as you ride AT&Ts and Tie Fighters to blow up enemies in the sky or on land. You can even play as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to decimate your foes on online Multiplayer.? The game is slated for release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 17, 2015.

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