Video Games That Will Improve Your Eyesight Faster Than Carrots

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Video Games are Good for You
Video Games are Good for You

Terrible eyesight is one of the most common health problems. If you?re somebody who is extremely ?blessed? with such state, even on your younger years, there?s a good chance that you?ve been into eating an awful amount of eyesight improving foods and supplements. All these, especially pumpkins, cabbages, and carrots, are good, but the effect is not that fast. That?s where your T.V?s screen and controller jumps into action. If they can improve your focus, they can definitely boost your eyesight?s effectiveness as well.

Aside from reducing stress, video games are really good for ?stretching? out those pairs of lazy eyes. Not only that, they improve hand-eye coordination (especially for fast-paced games which requires quick reflexes). In a study, video games also proved to be a good form of therapy for fixing bad eyesight with adults. It?s not that surprising nor it is a big innovation, but they can prove to be a great alternative, especially to those diagnosed with incurable cases.

Medal Of Honor game was used by researchers to see how video games can benefit eyesight (with moderated gaming obviously). The volunteers gained more than 30 percent increase in the effectiveness of how they see details of objects or places. This also improves the ability of players to see the direction of motion. Camera-controllable games, especially first person shooters, allow players to change their line of sight seamlessly. As they play the game and get used to this mechanic, it also adjusts their eyes to get used as to how or what direction, an object, or an entire group of things are going. Just like in real life.

Just like what we?ve been stressing ?for the past few lines in this article, not all video games have the same benefits and wonders done to your eyes. If you?re after making your eyes see better, stick to playing first person games like Modern Warfare, Medal Of Honor, Call Of Duty, etc. With the modern games of today, these games can pretty much show a lot going on, on the screen, which makes your eyes gradually get used in telling apart details from object to object.

As for the scientific part on how first person games help your eyes ?heal? at some point, these types of games are more ?immersive?. With the excitement they provide, it makes the player?s brain release a chemical called dopamine, which helps accelerate healing and is actually good for your overall mental health.

There are tons of other health benefits that we can get from video games, but you should keep in mind that there?s a golden rule for it. Everything in moderation.

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