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Video Games That Are Actually Educational

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We are now in the middle of summer, so any talk about education may seem quite unpatriotic. But still, one of the secrets of many successful video games is the fact that they can teach you stuff without you even knowing it. And these games are as enjoyable as they are instructional.

SimCity has captivated thousands and millions of gamers all over the world. The game?s meaty themes ? environmentalism, economics, urban planning and budget management ? simply means that it is packed with vigorous learning possibilities. The game?s latest version looks awesome and apparently has an online feature, but was not well loved by some fans. However, the SimCity 4 is currently available on Steam.

Scribble Nauts
A great game that inspires an interest in vocabulary. In Scribble Nauts, players are set to solve problems using their own words and imagination, and the game?s engine will bring them to life. Big boulder is blocking your way? No problem: simply type ?wings? and equip it to fly over the boulder. Or better yet, summon Mario to help you jump over it. Yeah, the game?s newest version includes Nintendo?s famous characters.

It is quite delighting, the fact that one of the biggest breakout games in video game history is secretly teaching kids everything from geometry to teamwork to resource management. As a matter of fact, the game may also be teaching them that they can make great swords with the use of diamonds, and riding a pig is ?acceptable behavior. Good or bad, it is hard to play the game without learning anything.

Oregon Trail
In every discussion of educational games, always expect Oregon Trail to be mentioned. The game is responsible for establishing a whole new generation of today?s adults to dysentery, strategic planning and American history, as they fill up their wagon in an attempt to travel all the way from Missouri to Oregon. The game was originally written back in 1971 using a computer as large as a fridge, but these days, the game can be played on Nintendo 3DS, Anroid and iOS.


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