Video Games: Sad Story Of Video Games That Never Saw The Light Of Day

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We all love and adore ?games, especially if it is packed differently from the usual one’s that we are playing.

If possible, we always want to see a different concept — away from another annualized sports title, ? or from another military shooter — which can deliver quite an ?experience unlike anything else.

Making a video game is a risky process, since a lot of games being developed are stuck in limbo for years, or worst, never get released at all.?Maybe they just lost their ?momentum or maybe tastes and trends?changed.

For whatever reason, these games were not able to make it on store shelves.

Mega Man Universe

Capcom announced the release of Mega Man Universe in 2010, for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. A few months later, Capcom cancelled the game.


The Last Guardian

This was first announced in 2009 by Team ICO. It is an inspiring story of a kid and his giant bird-dog griffin.


The official reason why The Last Guardian was not released is due to a ?lot of bugs on it. Sony never clarified if it was still in active development or is on hold. It’s sad that we can’t get to play with the kid’s giant pooch ?BFF.


Polish video game studio Frontline and video game developers Nibris announced a survival horror game in 2006, called Sadness. This is supposed to be released for Nintendo Wii.



Frontline and Nibris parted ways in 2007, and only a ?script , soundtrack, concept art and live-action trailer was produced. ?In 2010, Nibris shut down completely.

Dead Pheonix

This game was announced in late 2012, and developed for Nintendo GameCube. This was canceled in 2003 due to Nintendo’s high standard and some development issues.


Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313 had been updated, cancelled multiple times before it was even revealed to the public. This game was totally dropped when Disney acquired all things Star Wars.



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