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Video Games Live is a tour that travels around the world with a live orchestra playing video game music both classic and new generation. It was created in 2002 by Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall. It was fantastic and I would highly recommend that if they come to your city to go see it. Unlike most orchestras they want you to cheer and scream when you see a game you love. There’s are screens that have game footage on them as they play the music from the game. They try to make it as fun as possible by including contests and giveaways throughout the performance. The pre-show also had contests including a very fun costume contest (I knew I should have dressed up as Zero Suit Samus).There are also guests throughout the night. They even had Ralph Baer, The Father of Video Games, give a video speech over Skype. I was very excited to meet Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, I even had my picture taken with them! I also got to meet Splitting Adam, the band that did the music for the main song in Need for Speed: Undercover. This was a great performance and any gamer would have a blast listening to their favorite video game music live.

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