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Video Games Can Now Help You Get Smarter

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Playing video games has always left a bad taste in our parents? mouths. It is sometimes criticized for inducing violence or addiction. Well, too much of anything is actually quite bad and there are probably more disadvantages concerned with playing too much video games. However, a fair amount of time with video games can help you get smart and functioning.

Research from the ?Institute of Play? shows that kids can be tuned for school by simply playing video games. Video games can help them get super-engaged in productive ways around video games and digital activities. Deeper learning skills can be learned and fostered through video games.

The digital era is centered around kids playfulness being continued until adulthood, claims Robert Gehorsam, the director of the Institute of Play. The Institute has started to put the pieces together and recognized video games as part of cognitive science. Video games do now have real learning benefits.

Video games also takes advantage of the human need to solve problems by overcoming challenges and this becomes a tool to encourage people to play. Once you get to play a game with real learning value, gamers will then apply it to the real world, hence, proving its educational value.

Quest to Learn is an organization taking that idea to the test as part of the its mission to make learning as easy as possible. Eventually, companies will start developing games made for learning time management, leadership and sales conversations.

Video games stimulate the brain in various positive ways. One example of a great education game is Super Mario. It helps improve your memory, motor skills and planning ability. This game is a classic and we didn?t even realize that this game was really helpful. You know what?s even more surprising? They already have video games for surgeons now. Surgeons are now prepping before the main event. Now who says video games are a waste of time?



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